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Market Commentary, September 2021 Thumbnail

Market Commentary, September 2021

As we close in on the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021 and head toward the 4th quarter, many questions abound. The prospect of a sustained inflationary environment is one obstacle that the economy may have to tackle. Another issue investors are grappling with is the threat of rising interest rates. Further, just as COVID seemed to be heading toward the rearview mirror, the Delta variant appeared and has wreaked havoc on any return to normal that may have been predicted.

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Moving Forward Thumbnail

Moving Forward

And we thought 2020 was crazy… This past January certainly had its fair share of chaos and confusion—most of it centered in the Greater Washington area. Many were predicting some sort of civil war and others even had premonitions that were apocalyptic in nature. As we know from experience, the world just does not end all that often, thank goodness.

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Some Reasons to Give Thanks (yes, even in 2020) Thumbnail

Some Reasons to Give Thanks (yes, even in 2020)

As we approach the last several weeks of calendar year 2020, I thought it would be useful to put things in perspective by looking at some economic and demographic data that should paint matters in a more positive light than what we have gotten used to throughout 2020.

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Surge Capacity, Elections and Letter-shaped Recoveries Thumbnail

Surge Capacity, Elections and Letter-shaped Recoveries

Surge capacity is a term I was not all that familiar with until I heard it several times this past month. Essentially, surge capacity refers to the human tendency of being able to draw on a reserve of mental and physical energy in times of adversity and crisis.

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Understanding How Our Inherent Biases Impact Our Behavior Thumbnail

Understanding How Our Inherent Biases Impact Our Behavior

Knowing our inherent human biases may not protect us from murder hornets, locust swarms, or whatever else 2020 has to throw at us but at least it will allow us to be more aware of some of our natural limitations. With heightened awareness, we should, in theory, be able to put ourselves in a more advantageous position to make high-quality decisions.

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