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A Different Kind of Commentary Thumbnail

A Different Kind of Commentary

In times like these, where social unrest is high, political ambiguity is higher and financial uncertainty even greater; it is nice to know that our clients realize we are there for them. As advisors, we like to think that we have all the answers to all the world’s problems. Unfortunately, as much as it pains us to admit, we do not have all the answers to all the injustices present in the world. We do, however, have years of experience on which to rely that allow us to see the world through a more measured lens.

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Four Areas of Your Estate Plan to Review in Light of COVID-19 Thumbnail

Four Areas of Your Estate Plan to Review in Light of COVID-19

It never hurts to be prepared in the event that, for instance, you may need to be hospitalized for Coronavirus or any other sickness. Thinking about falling ill or not being able to make decisions for yourself can be frightening, but having an estate plan in place can help ease your concerns. Many people are taking this time at home to update their estate plans, and if you do not have one in place, there is no better time to put it together.

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Market Commentary, May 2020 Thumbnail

Market Commentary, May 2020

Over the past 7-8 weeks, there has been no shortage of confusion about how the market is behaving. The S&P 500 peaked around 3,385 on February 19. It then dropped to 2,235 on March 23. And it has bounced back up to 2,845 as of the time of this writing on May 13. Many investors are wondering, “does the stock market know something we don’t?” Most are likely saying, “what the market is doing doesn’t make any sense.” At face value, there appears to be a disconnect between where the market is trading and fundamentals, such as earnings. With this backdrop of bewilderment, let us further examine the recent happenings in the economy and the financial markets.

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Future Ready: Financial Planning Webinar for College Students or Recent Graduates Thumbnail

Future Ready: Financial Planning Webinar for College Students or Recent Graduates

While we are all currently "stuck" at home, wondering about the future, life will eventually get back to a new normal. And for current college students or recent graduates, there will be lots of exciting changes to navigate as this new generation enters the workforce. So now may be the perfect time for young adults to gain a better understanding of budgeting and financial planning for future goals! Wolf Group Capital Advisors recently hosted a webinar designed for college students and recent graduates, to prepare them to launch into adulthood with a solid understanding of the joys and challenges of financial independence.

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Where Do We Go From Here? Thumbnail

Where Do We Go From Here?

A powerful question. Usually asked not after a triumphant moment but in a period of distress or uncertainty. Amid a health pandemic that appears to have caused the most abrupt shock to the global economy in modern history, most of us are likely asking this very question, or a similar version, right now.

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Dancing in the Dark Thumbnail

Dancing in the Dark

When stressed, I remind myself not to overthink about the past and what I should have done. I remind myself that those past decisions were based on the facts and information I had available at that time. Similarly, I try not to project too far into the future, as this does not seem too constructive. Like the famous line about the economist who predicts nine of the next two recessions, with enough effort, I could also project a wide range of possible negative outcomes. That effort seems neither productive nor helpful.

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