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The Truth About Interest Rates and Yield Curves Thumbnail

The Truth About Interest Rates and Yield Curves

Interest rates are really important. The prevailing interest rate environment determines how much interest we pay on our mortgages, car loans, student loans, and any other loan of which you can think. Interest rates also determine at what rate corporations can borrow to invest in and grow their business. They also determine the type of yield investors and depositors can earn on the hard-earned funds that they lend to banks and/or corporations for a finite period.

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Market Commentary, July 2019 Thumbnail

Market Commentary, July 2019

As we move into quarterly earnings season here in the U.S., the economic backdrop is littered with mixed signals. On the positive side of the ledger, we are seeing a healthy consumer buoyed by steady employment and improving wages. Stable inflation and an accommodating Federal Reserve also help. On the negative side of the equation, there is lingering political uncertainty due to what feels like never-ending trade tensions. Corporate confidence is wavering, limiting capital expenditures and earnings expectations for the most recent quarter are muted.

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The Rider and the Elephant Thumbnail

The Rider and the Elephant

Our purpose as advisors is to stay rational during turbulent times and to stay level-headed during frothier times both in terms of the financial markets and each client situation. Life is not linear, and while there will be setbacks and obstacles on the journey, we are dedicated to developing financial plans and investment portfolios that provide peace of mind and stability, allowing clients to pursue their most fulfilling life.

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Market Report, May 2019 Thumbnail

Market Report, May 2019

Most financial assets have experienced strong performance during 2019 after disappointing results at the end of 2018, where we saw losses in both U.S. and International equities, commodities like oil and gold, and corporate bonds.

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Market Commentary, March 2019 Thumbnail

Market Commentary, March 2019

In late January, the Fed shifted its tone regarding the possible future sequence of interest rate hikes. Fed Chairman Powell noted that the decision was not a reflection of a substantial change in the outlook for the economy but of various other “cross-currents.”

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