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Dancing in the Dark Thumbnail

Dancing in the Dark

When stressed, I remind myself not to overthink about the past and what I should have done. I remind myself that those past decisions were based on the facts and information I had available at that time. Similarly, I try not to project too far into the future, as this does not seem too constructive. Like the famous line about the economist who predicts nine of the next two recessions, with enough effort, I could also project a wide range of possible negative outcomes. That effort seems neither productive nor helpful.

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Managing Stress in Uncertain Times Thumbnail

Managing Stress in Uncertain Times

As we are living through stressful and unprecedented times, it is important to step back and evaluate how we are taking care of our personal and mental health. Here are a few proactive tips, written by Dr. Anne Berkeley, that can help change the way our bodies respond to stress.

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Seeing Through the Haze of Hopelessness Thumbnail

Seeing Through the Haze of Hopelessness

While what we are experiencing now is quite painful, it is not the type of pain that lasts indefinitely. We know that opinion can be wrong and, we make allowances for that in our portfolio management techniques. Nevertheless, the violent downward move that we just experienced on the way down tends to have a way of repeating itself on the way back up. That is to say that volatility works in both directions.

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The Impact of Politics on Financial Markets Thumbnail

The Impact of Politics on Financial Markets

As we head into the 2020 presidential race, one of the top concerns for many of our clients is the potential impact of the election on financial markets. Regardless of the news channel, there is intense debate on whether the financial markets will prosper or perish as a direct result of who wins the White House. Democrats and Republicans are often biased by data published to favor one political candidate over the other to prove superior economic leadership. Such political bias can then influence individuals to make rash investment decisions that could prove costly.

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Market Commentary—2019 (and late 2018) in Review Thumbnail

Market Commentary—2019 (and late 2018) in Review

Although uncertainties remain, we do not see a recession looming and believe there are plenty of positive developments in the global economy and financial markets that argue for remaining invested in risk assets. We see opportunities in companies that are innovating and disrupting their industries. We also believe valuations in the international arena, and the value portion of the economy are becoming more compelling.

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