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Expanding Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and we enjoy sharing interesting and insightful articles that we come across. 

We call it our “Brain Food". Bookmark this section and check it often.

How to Be a Caregiver Thumbnail

How to Be a Caregiver

Even if you're not a caregiver now, odds are that you will find yourself in the role someday. In the United States about one in five adults is providing unpaid health or supportive care to someone they love.

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An Economist's Guide to the World in 2050 Thumbnail

An Economist's Guide to the World in 2050

Bloomberg Economics has used a growth accounting framework —adding up the contributions of labor, capital and productivity —to forecast potential GDP through 2050 for 39 countries, from the U.S. to Ghana. They have used that data to map some of the key geographic and political shifts in store for the world economy. By 2035, Bloomberg Economics forecasts, China will have overtaken the U.S. to become the world’s biggest economy and perhaps also its most powerful political actor.

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How COVID-19 May Be Unconsciously Affecting Your Financial Decisions Thumbnail

How COVID-19 May Be Unconsciously Affecting Your Financial Decisions

The impact of background emotions has gained attention this year, partly because events including the pandemic have caused a dramatic shift in people’s underlying moods. For some individuals, these events have led predominantly to background feelings of fear, while others have experienced extended bouts of anger or sadness. This is especially relevant for older individuals as they are among the most vulnerable health-wise from COVID-19 and they’re making decisions with long-term consequences.

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Women in the Workplace 2020 Thumbnail

Women in the Workplace 2020

The events of 2020 have turned workplaces upside down. Women in particular have been negatively impacted, women of color are more likely to have been laid off or furloughed during the COVID-19 crisis. Working mothers are working a “double shift” as their support of school or childcare has been upended. As a result of these dynamics, more than one in four women are contemplating what many would have considered unthinkable just six months ago: downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely.

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How to Manage a Hybrid Team Thumbnail

How to Manage a Hybrid Team

Your employees’ needs are always varied. But right now, as many companies navigate returning to an office in some shape or form, your team members are likely contending with vastly different situations. Some have limited or no childcare or are managing their kids’ online school; some have health issues that preclude them from returning to in-person work; and some are eager and excited to get out of the house and head back to their cubicles.

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