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Expanding Knowlege

Knowledge is power, and we enjoy sharing interesting and insightful articles that we come across. 

We call it our “Brain Food". Bookmark this section and check it often.

Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement Thumbnail

Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement

Are you newly retired or planning on retiring soon? A recent article from The Wall Street Journal offers some valuable tips for ensuring that your nest egg lasts longer.

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How Does Retirement Change Your Identity? Thumbnail

How Does Retirement Change Your Identity?

We all dream of what our life will be like in retirement when we finally have more time and freedom to travel, pursue hobbies and simply enjoy a different pace of life. But have you thought of how the end of your career may affect your sense of identity? This recent article and podcast (HBR IdeaCast) from Harvard Business Review shares some interesting research about two main processes that retirees go through.

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