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Expanding Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and we enjoy sharing interesting and insightful articles that we come across. 

We call it our “Brain Food". Bookmark this section and check it often.

‘Post-Millennials’ on Track to Be Most Diverse, Best-Educated Generation Yet Thumbnail

‘Post-Millennials’ on Track to Be Most Diverse, Best-Educated Generation Yet

As a new generation of Americans begins to take shape and move toward adulthood, there is mounting interest in their attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyle. The Pew Research Center's new analysis of Census Bureau data finds that the “post-Millennial” generation is already the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, and is on track to be the best-educated generation yet.

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Investment Stories vs. Facts Thumbnail

Investment Stories vs. Facts

Think back (you likely won't have to go far!) to when a journalist wrote an article about a financial topic. Then people, and thus the market, takes it as truth, and the stock or sector is dramatically affected. "Why do we believe such stories? Why do we get hooked into these narratives that are neither factually correct or accurate? The answer is, we are wired that way; mankind actually hasn’t evolved much from the days we spent hunting and gathering. One of the key skills that allowed us to progress from these primitive beginnings and reach the top of the food chain was collaboration." This article from Investment Masters Class details why investing stories can be dangerous and offers ideas on how to be more mindful of what you see and hear.

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Seven Business Models of the Next Decade Thumbnail

Seven Business Models of the Next Decade

Some of the most potent innovation taking place today does not involve breakthrough technologies, but rather the creation of fundamentally new business models. This article from Peter Diamandis' (co-founder of Singularity University) blog shares interesting details on seven emerging models slated to redefine business over the next few decades.

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 Industry 4.0: At the Intersection of Readiness and Responsibility Thumbnail

Industry 4.0: At the Intersection of Readiness and Responsibility

Some have long argued that corporations should strive for profits above all else, that making money for shareholders is a company’s sole reason for being. But lately more business leaders are starting to see a bigger picture and a larger responsibility. Building on the last generation’s corporate social responsibility movement, a new form of capitalism seems to be emerging, one that considers a broader group of stakeholders and measures societal impact alongside financial performance. Deloitte Global’s annual survey on business’s preparedness for a connected era shares details from more than 2,000 C-suite executives across 19 countries and examines their desire to propel their business forward while acting in a more socially responsible way.

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What’s Ahead for the U.S. Housing Market in 2020? Thumbnail

What’s Ahead for the U.S. Housing Market in 2020?

Thinking of buying, selling, or both this year and wondering what's ahead for the US housing market? As you may recall, mortgage rates dropped below four percent this past year in the US, opening the door for many people to refinance current loans. The solid economy and strong employment numbers also fueled sales of new homes. In 2020, expectations are that the boom in refinancing will fade out and home sales will increase, but high construction costs will keep housing affordability at bay for many, according to experts. Read more about housing projections in this detailed article from Knowledge@Wharton.

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Why Everything Old is New Again Thumbnail

Why Everything Old is New Again

It used to be that you bought clothes, hung them in your closet and wore them a number of times (or didn’t). Eventually they either got donated to a charity or thrown in the trash. But things are changing quickly, as fashion re-commerce — renting, reselling, thrifting — becomes a bigger part of the retail industry. And the fashion resale market has been expanding a breathtaking 21 times faster than traditional retail over the past three years, Fortune reports. This fascinating article from Knowledge@Wharton provides all the details.

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