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Quiet Quitting: One Solution Thumbnail

Quiet Quitting: One Solution

Emotional Intelligence expert Daniel Goleman argues that there’s one proven way to keep employees engaged in their jobs, and it’s not money.

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Cut “But” from Your Vocabulary Thumbnail

Cut “But” from Your Vocabulary

t’s hard to think of a word that triggers more reactivity and drains more trust from conversation than “but.” Notice how often you hear it (and say it) when you’re negotiating or arguing. And, see what happens when you refrain from using it!

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Do Emotions Help or Hinder Rational Thinking? Thumbnail

Do Emotions Help or Hinder Rational Thinking?

It’s not uncommon to hear that being “emotional” is the opposite of being “rational.” For many people, the idea of rationality evokes images of a person engaging in intelligent, calculated reasoning—ignoring the “illogical” influences of emotion. This suggests that there is no place for emotion in rational thinking. However, some recent work from our lab suggests the opposite [1].

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Giving Avatars the Right Touch Thumbnail

Giving Avatars the Right Touch

Haptic technology is a rapidly advancing area of research. It deals with the sense of touch, which is actually several distinct types of sensations. Haptic experts describe at least 9 haptic dimensions a human can discern from objects or environments.

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