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Helping the Pursuit of Lifelong Prosperity

It all starts with your “why” — why are you investing?

Matching our investment strategy with your specific needs and goals is one of the key ways we help you achieve your desired quality of life — as well as financial peace of mind. Your financial plan serves as the roadmap, while investment management is the vehicle that brings you towards your destination.    

Our Approach

Understand and assess goals.

This initial step during the discovery  and planning  process lets us know the range of returns required to achieve your specific goals.

Evaluate risk tolerance and capacity.

Once we have the range of necessary returns and your risk tolerance and capacity, we then build out the asset allocation at the lowest level of risk.

Our Investment Strategy Principles

investment diversification strategy washington dc the wolf group capital advisors


Capital Preservation investment strategy washington dc wolf group capital advisors

Capital Preservation

tax efficiency investment strategy washington dc wolf group capital advisors

Tax Efficiency

strategic rebalancing investment strategy washington dc wolf group capital advisors

Strategic Rebalancing

Our investment strategy is built around capital preservation and broad diversification. We believe in maintaining well-diversified portfolios, minimizing volatility and preserving capital while consistently embracing a disciplined approach to risk management.

Creating the potential for generating excess returns through asset allocation and security selection involves selecting the right combination of securities with the right characteristics — all consistent with your unique risk appetite and return expectations.

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