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Investment Management

It all starts with your “why”– why are you investing? Starting with a clear picture of your current financial situation and a mutually created determination of your short- and long-term life goals, we can develop an investment strategy to help you reach those goals all the way through retirement and beyond. The diversified portfolio we create for you is continuously monitored and rebalanced to ensure optimal asset allocation.

Our investment strategy follows a disciplined approach to risk management built on maintaining well-diversified portfolios, minimizing volatility, and preserving capital. 

Through our discovery process, we are able to narrow down the level of risk that you feel comfortable with in your portfolio. We supplement our conversations with risk management software that helps to better quantify your comfort level with market risk. From there, we construct portfolios with optimal asset allocation to achieve your goals and continuously monitor it while rebalancing as necessary. In addition, we manage each portfolio in a tax-efficient fashion to maximize your after-tax returns.

Our biggest differentiator, however, is at play before any management tactics are ever implemented: our investment strategies are applied in service to reaching your life goals, as established in the financial plan we created together. Matching our investment strategy to your specific goals can provide financial peace of mind, and lead to achieving your desired quality of life. 

Your Portfolio: Transitioning, Diversifying, Managing.  

Assessment: We begin with an assessment and analysis of your current portfolio, creating a plan that outlines recommended improvements to the portfolio and considers the possible tax implications.

Diversification: We combine the latest tools and deep institutional experience to construct diversified portfolios that deliver competitive, risk-adjusted results and the potential for excess returns. Tools include the latest risk management software, while third-party expertise comes from access to top-tier institutional money managers. Asset allocation is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s overall return. Our thorough understanding of your goals and risk appetite provides you with an asset allocation you feel comfortable with both when financial markets are perfectly cooperative and when they are more challenging. The majority of our portfolios contain some varying combination of equity investments, fixed income investments and alternative investments.

Portfolio Management: We continuously monitor client portfolios and rebalance as necessary to ensure optimal asset allocation for each client’s specific portfolio. When beneficial, we also meticulously employ processes such as asset allocation optimization and tax-loss harvesting to improve after-tax returns.

Good investment decisions are not always intuitive or comfortable to make. Our process aims to remove emotions from the investment process, greatly assisting in achieving the desired results – reaching your goals. Because the foundation of our relationship begins with a financial plan that outlines why you are investing and what you want out of life, we have a good understanding of your risk tolerance and capacity, helping us to maintain asset allocation at the lowest level of risk.

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