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Fulfilling Our Life Purpose

Founded in 1996, Wolf Group Capital Advisors was the natural evolution of The Wolf Group, a CPA firm specializing in tax planning for expatriates.

 As we advised clients on complex and technical tax matters, we noticed that many of them were experiencing broader financial issues that were impacting the quality of their life. Whether it was figuring out when they could retire, how to pay for their children’s college, or simply taking the time to define their meaning of a fulfilling life, these important decisions seemed to be quite challenging  for many people we encountered.

We soon realized that we could play a vital role in helping our clients develop a decision-making framework for their life — identifying short- and long-term priorities and organizing their affairs to  achieve specific goals. Having our tax colleagues close by enables us to provide our clients with valuable and up-to-date guidance on a variety of tax matters.

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