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Are We There Yet?  vol. 189 Thumbnail

Are We There Yet? vol. 189

We all know not to prejudge. Although I try to follow this rule, I’m not perfect. Two weeks ago, my son injured his knee in his football game. He came out for a few plays and then was right back in for the rest of the game. Afterward, he complained of soreness but didn’t seem to be limping or otherwise impacted. That Sunday, he had a lacrosse game, and my expectation (and his) was that he would play. On Sunday afternoon, a friend reached out to him because a group was gathering to watch football games at the same time he had his lacrosse game. Soon after, when we were talking about when to leave for his lacrosse game, he started complaining that his knee hurt and that he wasn’t sure he should play. Pretty easy to connect those dots, right? I made him go to his lacrosse game.

On Monday, the high school trainer called and told us that she thought he should see an orthopedist about his knee. We went to the doctor, eventually got an MRI, and ultimately learned that he had a broken leg. Well, I make myself feel better by calling it a fracture. Luckily, he doesn’t need surgery and just needs to let it heal over the next six weeks. I won’t be receiving any “Father of the Year” awards in 2023. Another lesson learned.

Take care and stay safe.


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