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Are We There Yet? vol. 95 Thumbnail

Are We There Yet? vol. 95

I received a Christmas message from a client and friend, Frederic Ruiz Ramon and I wanted to share it with you as I found it encouraging.  As background, Frederic had just returned from a month-long business trip to Africa and sadly learned of the deaths of five close friends while he was away. 

As the James Webb Space Telescope goes into orbit, I thought about the meaning of being able to see light emitted 13 billion years ago, just a short while after the big bang that eventually created the universe we inhabit and whose consequences include the life we live today. So, light really never disappears. Even in the darkest of spaces there is or will be light. 

This is a comforting thought as I remember the many I know who have died recently. Their light also continues to exist around us, in us and through us. We may not always see it, but it is there and and will always be there. Perhaps that light is love and its eternal energy?  Is this what the birth of Christ means? Love - Light - is upon us and always will be, even in the darkest hours and even if we are blind to it. It is there all around us and in us.

I think it’s a beautiful message. For me, the comfort of light everlasting extended to all things lost, especially during the pandemic. During this period, we all have lost something whether it be friends and family, health, employment or just dreams of how we would have lived our normal lives. The concept that the light is always there, even if unseen, leaves me thinking that better times are on the horizon.  

This week’s selection is:


The Beatles – Get Back (Disney Plus)

Directed by three-time Oscar winning filmmaker, Peter Jackson, Get Back is a three-part documentary series that takes audiences back in time to the band’s intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history.