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Are We There Yet? Week 9 Thumbnail

Are We There Yet? Week 9

As some states are starting to re-open, things are getting weird. This article references The Inn at Little Washington. The Inn is in Washington, Virginia, to the west of Washington DC and is the only Michelin 3-star restaurant in the area.  As noted in the article, tasting menus before wine pairings start at $248 per person. To make patrons feel that the restaurant is full, the restaurant is going to seat mannequins in vintage 1940s outfits at empty tables. The first thought that came to my mind is that if I want to eat dinner surrounded by a bunch of dummies not wearing masks, I can find a less expensive alternative closer to home. 

While I attempt humor about this situation, it does raise questions and concerns about this next stage. I think that we should all prepare for a new onslaught of anxiety about the re-opening of society. We always knew that the stay at home situation would not last forever. Still, now it is happening, and I think that there will be additional stress and anxiety about the decisions each of us will now be forced to make. Some of us will have friends and/or colleagues who feel very differently having gatherings, going to dinner, and a whole host of other things. Now that the government will not be mandating our quarantine, we’ll all have to make our own decisions.

Daniel Pink is the author of books about business and human behavior. He has a weekly set of videos called the Pinkcast, and I want to share two from this week. Each video is less than two minutes. The first is about a motivational trick to help when you do not want to exercise, but I find that you can use it to change to a more positive attitude about anything. 

This is how to motivate yourself when you do not feel like exercising

The second clip is a bedtime ritual that involves writing a thought each night. I imagine that a lot of people may have trouble getting to sleep, and part of that problem may have to do that some look at the newsfeeds on their phones just before bed, and their minds are then racing. This ritual may help.

This is one smart, simple thing you should do before bedtime

In terms of recommended entertainment this week:


  • Beneath a Scarlet Sky – by Mark T. Sullivan – is a story about an Italian who gets involved in the resistance during World War II. 
  • Say Nothing – by Patrick Radden Keefe – is a true story about the bitter conflict in Northern Ireland known as The Troubles. 


  • The Last Dance – this ESPN 10 part series takes an in-depth look at the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty through the lens of the final championship season in 1997-98. If you like basketball (or even if you don’t!), you’ll love this program. 
  • Money Heist – is a Spanish crime drama. 


  • Throughline – explores the history behind some historical events. 
  • Into the Rabbit Hole – stories about how the internet is changing and how it is changing us.