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Avoiding the Prosperity Paradox: How to Build Economic Resilience in a Post-COVID World

The Clayton Christensen Institute, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to improving the world through Disruptive Innovation, recently published an insightful new paper on building economic resilience in a post-COVID world. They say "by some estimates, the economic fallout from the pandemic could push as many as half a billion people into extreme poverty, putting decades of progress in emerging economies at risk. Understandably, global efforts have focused largely on providing near-term relief in the form of healthcare and economic aid, but it’s equally important to help emerging economies build a strong economic foundation that fortifies their resiliency in good times and bad.... the most viable way to help economies become prosperous and build long-term resiliency is through investment in a specific type of innovation that more deeply sows the seeds of widespread opportunity: market-creating innovation."