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Navigating the Transition: Moving on From Mint.com Thumbnail

Navigating the Transition: Moving on From Mint.com

Are you a Mint.com user facing the impending closure of the platform and uncertain about the transition process? Look no further! 

Discover the comprehensive capabilities of eMoney, a robust financial planning software that provides a similar experience to Mint. Explore how eMoney's client portal empowers you with customizable budgeting, secure document storage, and integrated financial planning tools.

If you are interested in learning more about eMoney, please click on either of the links below to schedule a tutorial with our in-house eMoney experts, or contact your advisor to discuss the platform in more detail.



Check out our Financial Planning page for a brief introduction to eMoney.

For more details on the differences between Mint.com, Credit Karma, and eMoney, read this blog post by Financial Advisor Andrew Gary HERE.

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