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Summertime Financial Housekeeping Thumbnail

Summertime Financial Housekeeping

With the vacations, ball games, and beaches in our lives during the summer, the last thing on most people’s minds are their finances. However, the slower pace of the season offers a great opportunity to take care of a few of your financial to-do’s that take just a few minutes but can greatly help protect, simplify, and advance your financial life.

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Market Commentary January 2022 Thumbnail

Market Commentary January 2022

The first few weeks of 2022 have plenty of market strategists and economic forecasters alike calling for 2022 to be the year where “the great bubble finally bursts” and “everything unravels.” In January, I suppose, every year has the potential to be a disappointing year.

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Market Commentary September 2021 Thumbnail

Market Commentary September 2021

As we close in on the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021 and head toward the 4th quarter, many questions abound. The prospect of a sustained inflationary environment is one obstacle that the economy may have to tackle. Another issue investors are grappling with is the threat of rising interest rates. Further, just as COVID seemed to be heading toward the rearview mirror, the Delta variant appeared and has wreaked havoc on any return to normal that may have been predicted.

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