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The goal of your estate plan is to ensure that assets transfer to their intended individual(s) or organization(s) in the most seamless and efficient way possible at time of death. It also enables you to ensure that your end-of-life care decisions are carried out exactly as you intended and to avoid burdening your loved ones with difficult decisions. Through our comprehensive financial planning process, we will review your estate plan, recommend key areas of improvement, and work side by side with your trusted estate attorney and other advisors to solidify your plan.

Organizing the information

Updating and organizing all estate documents is essential. We suggest you work with your estate planning attorney (we can also recommend estate attorneys if needed) to complete and/or update the relevant estate documents.

Managing your estate plan

Reviewing your plan on a consistent basis ensures that you and your family, executors, and/or trustees all understand their role in your overall estate plan. We recommend reviewing your estate plan with your estate attorney every three to five years, and any time there is a change to estate laws or your circumstances. 

Communicating responsibilities

Everyone involved should understand their role in the execution of your estate plan. That means open discussions that, if you desire, we can facilitate. These would include heirs, executors, trustees, estate attorneys and your WGCA advisor.


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