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Our mission is to help our clients achieve financial freedom, and a core component of strategy development involves tax planning. While it is not possible to eliminate taxes, there are strategies and tactics to minimize the impact of taxes on your resources. Due to our relationship with our sister firm, The Wolf Group, we have greater depth with respect to tax planning than most advisors, and in particular international tax matters. The ability to have tax expertise within our team is key to achieving a balanced strategy and allows us to seamlessly build out a financial road map that reflects your vision for what you are trying to achieve. 

Tax Planning Components

Tax planning has both strategic and tactical components. On the strategic side, asset location, stock option planning, Roth conversions, philanthropic structures, gifting and post-death bequests are among the main focus areas. Tactically, there are activities that are completed each year, such as tax loss harvesting, retirement plan options, maximizing deductions, and interpreting new and proposed changes to tax regulation. If you happen to be in multiple jurisdictions, there are added complexities that require understanding of multiple tax rules.

Life Goals Driving the Process

Our philosophy is that tax planning should not guide the financial planning process. We do not want to structure for tax efficiency at the expense of our clients not achieving their goals. Rather, we work with our clients to figure out how to achieve what they want to achieve. Then, within that framework, we maximize the tax efficiency.


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